How To Help Children Overcome Fear In A Medical Setting

A Practical Guide For Healthcare Professionals

"...A vital tool for those who deal with children in fear...a must-read for parents and caregivers, and for all those who set up the institutions of healing."
–Olson Huff, MD, American Academy of Pediatrics

As soon as five-year old Sarah realized blood had to be drawn, she ran straight into the bathroom and locked the heavy wooden door behind her - but what happened next was even more surprising!

Rob Luka, an RN with over thirty years of nursing experience, shares with healthcare professionals and parents exactly how to calm a child who is facing medical treatment.

You will discover easy-to-follow methods to:

  • Experience the joy of helping children transform their fear into cooperation.

  • Gain skills to empower yourself and the frightened children you work with.

  • Recognize the verbal and nonverbal cues children send as key moments of opportunity to gain cooperation.

  • Enjoy the appreciation parents, families, and physicians will extend to you by learning this system.

"Anyone with children in their lives would benefit greatly from this empowers each of us to...reach within ourselves and bring the children we work with into a positive experience."
-Cindy P. Spillers, MS, RD, CDE

"Rob describes how an uncooperative child is...transformed with the right words and intangible subject, how to come from the heart, comes alive in these case studies – allowing the professional a more fulfilling experience."
- Todd Neel, RN, FNP

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