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Rob Luka, RN, CDE, CHt

With thirty years of nursing experience, Robert Luka began his medical career in high school working as a hospital orderly. In 1977, he received and RN degree from the Millard Fillmore School of Nursing in Buffalo, NY. Since then, he has worked in intensive care, Emergency Room nursing, supervision and diabetes education. His primary interest is in working with children with experience at the Ruth and Billy Graham Children's Health Center. Currently, he works in pediatric endocrinology at the Mission Children's Reuter's Center in Asheville.

Rob is actively involved in teaching newly diagnosed children with type 1 diabetes and their families injection and blood testing skills. He speaks and consults to hospitals, nursing and healthcare organizations on how to effectively work with frightened children in a variety of medical settings.

Living in Poona, India, in 1981 deepened and forever changed his expression of compassion in the lives of those he worked with. As a result, he has developed practical techniques that can enhance the medical experience for both patient and professional staff. His ultimate goal, through this book, is to teach empowerment to healthcare providers to create a positive experience for young, frightened patients within diverse medical settings.


Publication: CITIZEN-TIMES
Article Title: Helping children overcome fear of doctors

Radio Interview
TOPIC: Children and White Coat Syndrome. 30-min
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"...A vital tool for those who deal with children in fear...a must-read for parents and caregivers, and for all those who set up the institutions of healing."
–Olson Huff, MD, American Academy of Pediatrics

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