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Fearless Medicine
Humanistic Communication Skills For
Healthcare Professionals and Families to
Create Positive Experiences and Outcomes

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Powerful health Care Communication Strategies and Skills For...

Nursing Schools

Fearless Medicine - Are you teaching your students and healthcare professionals how to experience it for themselves and the patients they serve? Faced with frightened and uncooperative patients and families? You can't google your way out of this one! Learn how to go home energized and not drained after a challenging day at work. Become a resource for your peers and rated more highly by your patients who advocate and refer to you.

Health Care Professionals

Healthcare professionals get burnt out with patient overload and ongoing difficult challenges. Learn how to deliver the optimal patient experience and feel the joy of helping patients transform their fear into cooperation. Become a resource for your peers. Rediscover experiencing your own excellence.

Parents & Families of Sick Children

Parents and families are overstressed coping with work, home and taking care of their ill child. Rob can show them how to manage their emotions, relationships and workload while keeping their child calm and co-operative throughout the journey

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As a lead nurse for over 40 years, Rob has mastered how to gain co-operation from children, compassionately ease parent’s fears and guide his fellow nurses to release their stressors and bring new energy to their jobs. Now he is passionate about teaching you how.

Organizations Where Rob's Message Has Made an Impact

American Association of Diabetes Educators
Asheville Endocrinology
Asheville Specialty Hospital
Bayer Corporation
Buncombe County Health Center
Care Partners Health Services
Charter Communications
Diabetes Center of Asheville

Health Education Center, Asheville
Lilly Pharmaceuticals
MAHEC Pharmacy Program
Mayland Community College
McDowell Hospital
Mission Hospital
NC Peri Anesthesia State Conference

Novo-Nordisk Inc
Opti-fast Program
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Reuter’s Children’s Center
Saint Joseph’s Hospital
43rd Annual NC Society of Medical Assistants
6th Annual Integrative Health Conference
7th Annual Integrative Health Conference

Rob Luka

Communication Skills for Healthcare Professionals
And Families with Sick Children

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