Communication Workshop

Designed to excel in interpersonal, face to face and phone communication skills

Workshop Curriculum


Self-understanding/Exercises in Communication 

This section of the workshop focuses on understanding your own thought process, emotional links and triggers that may carry a conversation into a direction that may be self-serving rather than serving your clients. Through your participation you will learn:

  • An increased awareness in your own personal responses when conversations evolve beyond your own personal comfort zones.
  • A closer look at your natural communication ‘default position’.
  • Getting clear on your own strengths, weaknesses, natural talents and areas of needed self-improvement to make you a more natural, compassionate, engaged communicator.

Non-Verbal Language Skills

Often times your body posture can override anything you verbally speak. Understanding the very first message you send is through body posturing. A closer discovery of what works and what doesn’t. Through your engaged participation you will learn

  • Understanding and setting intentions. The deepest communication skill that dictates all your responses
  • The absence or presence of eye contact and its potential impact.
  • Using Gestures, the do’s and don’ts. Communicating through facial expressions.
  • Creating engagement through your energy level.
  • Rapport skills- Helping to create an immediate ‘connection’.
  • Breath Awareness- creating

The Proper Use of Semantics

  • Are your clients feeling 'heard'?
  • Your words are remembered. What do you want to be remembered for?
  • Refining your word choices in business communication.

The Value of Using Your Intuition

  • Reflective conversations.
  • Reading between the lines.
  • Where the conversation should go next.

Phone Skills

  • Verbal tone, volume and proper use of acknowledgements.
  • Source listening skills.
  • What decisions, conclusions and possible actions your clients may come to that arise from your interactions. 
  • Gathering information. Coming from computer mode- The power of non-judgementalism.
  • The greatest gift you can give is the gift of listening and being heard. 

Rob Luka

Communication Skills for Healthcare Professionals
And Families with Sick Children

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