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Rob offers a number of group workshops and consulting services, designed to provide specific skill development. All workshops can be delivered in a 60 minute, 90 minute, half-day, or full day format as well as customized consulting packages. Online courses are also available on selected topics.

Communication Workshop


The Greatest gift you can give is the gift of listening. Deep listening that results in the person speaking actually “feeling heard.”  The Source Listening Skills you will learn are not placations, condescending techniques or sympathetic responses. It’s learning to open yourself to the other and learning to come from their perspective.

Communication styles and listening skills vary among everyone but the basics of offering yourself to be the listener without an ulterior motive as easy as it sounds, is not always found in common business conversations.

Transform your communication interactions by learning these valuable and vital workshop skills.  

Workshop For Medical Professionals: Assisting the transition of Fear and Pain into Cooperation

Come and learn through didactic and interactive group exercises, an effective step by step approach to helping children reduce or eliminate their fear of medical treatment.

Gain practical skills you can apply to your practice. You will learn how to become a resource for your peers in turning fear into empowerment.

Learn methods of approach to address fear that work… as taught to Rob Luka by the children themselves through three decades of nursing.

Live Workshop & Online Course Available

Workshop For Parents:
Skills For Coping With A Chronically Ill Child

This Workshop is designed specifically for parents to help them and help their child when dealing with the emotional and psychological impact of a chronic illness. 

A child’s response to stress can at times and to a large degree be a direct reflection of how they see their parents react and respond when faced with challenging triggers. 

This workshop will work with helping parents understand what their own reactions and responses are, what that looks like from their child’s point of view and how influenced children are by observing their parents behavior- which often dictating their own response.


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