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Rob Luka

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Rob Luka is a Speaker, Trainer, Bestselling Author of “Fearless Medicine” and has been a Registered Nurse for over 40 years. He is a Graduate of the Millard Fillmore School of Nursing in Buffalo, New York and has appeared on television and radio across America, including NPR, CBN, WAMD, WRES, WCQS, WGSR, WPAZ, and Charter of Asheville.

After seeing too many young patients being overpowered and tied down while screaming, he decided to find a better way and show healthcare providers and parents truly amazing alternatives. He has come to realize the extent to which frightened children will willingly transform their fear into cooperation with the right approach offered by the caregiver. Children are highly imaginative and have more internal resources available to willingly find a better way when the right approach is skillfully applied. He is passionate about sharing his step by step approach and message of empowerment to healthcare providers on how to create a positive experience for themselves, their frightened young patients and parents and as an institutional whole.

Rob has delivered presentations across America at various local, regional, state and national conferences as well as many organizations including the American Association of Diabetes Educators, The Pediatric Endocrinology Nursing Society and Integrative Healthcare Conferences. He also has experience at the Ruth and Billy Graham Children’s Health Center and at the Mission Children’s Reuter’s Center in Asheville.

Rob is actively involved in teaching injection and blood testing skills to adults and children newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and their families. He speaks to nurses, hospitals and healthcare organizations on how to effectively work with frightened patients in a variety of medical environments.

Living in Poona, India, in 1981 deepened and forever changed his expression of compassion in the lives of those he has worked with sharing that wisdom to all his audiences.

Powerful health Care Communication Strategies and Skills For...

Nursing Schools

Fearless Medicine - Are you teaching your students and healthcare professionals how to experience it for themselves and the patients they serve? Faced with fright and uncooperative patients and families? You can't google your way out of this one! Learn how to go home engaged and not drained after a challenging day at work. Become a resource for your peers and rated more highly by your patients who advocate and refer to you.

Health Care Professionals

Healthcare professionals get burnt out with patient overload and ongoing difficult challenges. Learn how to deliver the optimal patient experience and feel the joy of helping patients transform their fear into cooperation. Become a resource for your peers. Rediscover experiencing your own excellence.

Parents & Families of Sick Children

Parents and families are overstressed coping with work, home and taking care of their ill child. Rob can show them how to manage their emotions, relationships and workload while keeping their child calm and co-operative throughout the journey

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Rob Luka

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