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Signature Presentations

Working with Grief and Loss:
How to Listen and Communicate Effectively

For Healthcare Professionals

Develop skills to feel confident discussing topics of death, loss and illness with patients and families knowing you are making an impact. 

Communication and conversations take a powerful turn when grief and loss are the topic. So often people are caught off guard with what to say, what not to say and how to be and how to help. Moments of high emotional impact are rarely if ever forgotten. How do you participate in these challenging conversations and still feel empowered while pulling people in…instead of pushing them away?

  • Examine and understand your own associations with loss and grief and how they dramatically influence your conversations.
  • Empathetic v/s Sympathetic communication styles.
  • Source listening skills-learning how to really listen. Gaining your customers confidence that they are actually being heard.
  • Meaningful conversations from the client’s perspective. Avoiding ‘Ping Pong’ conversations.

Fearless Medicine:
How Healthcare Professionals Can Gain Cooperation with Patients in Distress

For Healthcare Professionals

Learn how to deliver the optimal patient experience to increase cooperation, dismantle fear and minimize stress on both you and your patients.

All healthcare professionals get burnt out at some point by the overwhelming workload, having to deal with uncooperative patients who are in pain and managing their families. Technology is replacing how we relate to each other, adding to the challenge. We can’t google our way out of dealing with a screaming child, stressed out parent or other challenging situations.

In this refreshing talk, the audience will learn how to:

  • Create expectations and recognize key points in conversations where patients are most receptive to accepting them.
  • Set positive intentions within yourself as a pivot point to helping others.
  • Leverage the power of word choice, non-verbal communication, body language and eye messaging to gain co-operation
  • Increase their interpersonal and intra-personal skills to mitigate burn out and feel in control

When Illness Strikes:
How to Overcome Fear and Nurture Your Child and Yourself

For Parents and Families of Sick Children

Learn effective coping strategies when dealing with your own emotions and the emotions of a sick child while navigating the demands of work, home and life's demands.

When illness strikes your child or family member, the overwhelm of navigating your household, your job and the ongoing medical needs that arise can be debilitating and fearful. How do you manage your own emotions, relationships and workload while learning how to keep your child calm and co-operative throughout the journey?

In this insightful talk, the audience will learn how to:

  • Use tone of voice, body language and word choice to create calm and manage circumstances with greater ease.
  • Set expectations, take control and discipline with love to gain co-operation.
  • Re-frame thinking and feelings about the situation to decrease fears, anxiety and overwhelm in both the family member and child.
  • Be intentional in their presence and approach to help their child get through it with less pain and struggle

Organizations Where Rob's Message Has Made an Impact.

partial client list

American Association of Diabetes Educators
Asheville Endocrinology
Asheville Specialty Hospital
Bayer Corporation
Buncombe County Health Center
Care Partners Health Services
Charter Communications
Diabetes Center of Asheville

Health Education Center, Asheville
Lilly Pharmaceuticals
MAHEC Pharmacy Program
Mayland Community College
McDowell Hospital
Mission Hospital
NC Peri Anesthesia State Conference

Novo-Nordisk Inc
Opti-fast Program
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Reuter’s Children’s Center
Saint Joseph’s Hospital
43rd Annual NC Society of Medical Assistants
6th Annual Integrative Health Conference
7th Annual Integrative Health Conference

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