Workshop For Parents:
Skills For Coping With A Chronically Ill Child

A Workshop designed specifically for parents to help them and help their child when dealing with the emotional and psychological impact of a chronic illness. A child’s response to stress can at times and to a large degree be a direct reflection of how they see their parents react and respond when faced with challenging triggers.

This workshop will help parents understand what their own reactions and responses are, what that looks like from their child’s point of view and how influenced children are by observing their parents behavior- which often dictating their own response. Parents may be unaware they are literally teaching their children how to respond in stressful situations through their own repeated observed behavior. Roll up your sleeves parents… and get ready to dive into yourself in a role of self-discovery.

Precursors to Benefiting From this Workshop
Ask yourself these 5 Questions...


Are you willing to look at yourself from a learning perspective without criticism or self judgement?


How willing are you to change what you are currently doing without blame, shame or embarrassment?


Are you willing to better understand yourself in order to better understand you child?


How willing are you take responsibility for your reactions?


Are you ready to up your parenting skills to a higher level by creating more understanding within yourself?

Workshop Agenda



Start with Yourself

Getting clear on how you manage your own responses to fear.

Apply the Law of Expectations

Learning to empower yourself and your child.

The Power of Intention

Understanding the impact of getting clear on what you want to accomplish.

Using Proper Semantics

Learning to use words to advantage and what words to avoid.

Using the Energy of Fear

Learning to use and re-direct this powerful emotion.

Non-Verbal Communication

The most powerful tool in your tool box! Learning how to maximize eye contact, touch, facial expressions, body posture and gestures.

Using Breath

Your breathing tells all. Learning how to help create calm through it.

Using Your Intuition

As parents you know your child better than anyone. Learning to trust your instincts.

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